Thermal Conductive Silicone Used For Solid State Relays And Heat Sinks Hz-ks101

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Silica Gel - Thermal conduction - Good

This thermal conductive silicone grease is excellent, i'm not someone who hasn't used it before. i have a lot of pastes, including the famous brand grizzly. hz-ks101 from your stands out as best used. grizzly reputable known for producing high-quality materials. paste they created outstanding. after using grease, heat dissipation between my solid-state relay and sink became super effective, with no issues at all. high low-temperature resistance remarkable. -40 degrees to 200 degrees, works perfectly in all seasons. what impresses me most environmental performance grease. odorless harmless human body, which gives peace mind. conclusion, grizzly's ever used, highly recommend it.

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