Round Pre-insulated Wiring Terminal Grounding Plate M6 Screw Iron Wire Ear Rv1.25-6 Battery Wire Connector

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Brand Hongying
Model 1-6

Wire Connector - 50 pieces m3 screw hole diameter 3.2 - Hongying

Let me talk about this connector of mine. let's not how great it is for now. i'll just share my experience using in the car, you know, sometimes when driving, feels like car an old friend, everything easy and convenient. a precious gem on after while, i feel it's really practical. firstly, screw hole size right, so no longer gets flustered because mismatched sizes. secondly, screws are made copper, which copper has good conductivity, i'm worried friend throwing tantrum electricity. lastly, round, never expected small to look nice. placed having extra little shining star. saying this, truly mean - comfortable. if you're still hesitating, all can say that you'll be missing out something good.

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Tags: Wire Connector, Ground Wire, Grounding Lug

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