Order Status

Processing = Pending
Your order has been submitted to our system successfully, waiting to be processed.
Reversed = Pending
Your order waiting for payment via bank transfer confirmation and waiting to be processed.
Pending = PendingYour order has been submitted to our system successfully and waiting to be processed.
Complete = Procured
Your order payment was received successfully and already processed.
Complete = Procured| Arrived in warehouse
Your order has already been processed with part of an item you purchased already arrived at the warehouse.
Complete | Packed
Your order has all arrived at the warehouse and is already fully packed.
Complete | Ready To Ship
Your order is fully packed and waiting for shipment.
Complete | Shipped
All current orders have been shipped, and the waybill number for customer tracking has been updated.
Complete | Packed |Shipped
Full orders have been packed, and partial packages have been shipped ahead of schedule, etc...
Complete | Procured|Shipped
Partial orders have been purchased, but have not arrived at the warehouse for packaging, and the rest of the orders have been shipped. In other cases, the customer may abandon some product orders or wait for customization items, etc...
Canceled, Canceled Reversal, Chargeback, Denied, Expired, Failed, Refunded, Voided
The status of these orders may be due to factors such as limited shipping, sensitive product, out-of-delivery range, package oversized, shipping time, expensive shipping, etc. or the customer requested to cancel the order and EBOXTAO has completed a full refund.