New Gain 900 1800 2100 2600mhz Signal Booster Phone Network

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Brand Tianluan

Booster - 5m+15m - Tianluan

I recently bought a new mobile signal booster and after using it for few days, can't help but feel that "having is the key." firstly, design of this thoughtful, adds touch scenery to my home with its flashing led light, giving futuristic at night. improvement in strength truly noticeable - house used have only one bar elevator, now it's full bars everywhere, network speed faster too. watching videos playing games incredibly smooth. can also expand coverage every corner house, making very convenient. checked found out uses 4 high-performance antennas intelligently detect optimize signals best effect. additionally, support two sim cards, allowing me stay connected while on go. overall, most satisfying good signal, fast speed, stylish design, really worth it.

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